More contacts from the past.

I recently made friends on FB with a woman from the old days in Brisbane. Jan is a friend to many of the old crew. I’ve since made contact with several other people so over the next few weeks, I’ll be able to post more info about the experiences from the days of the Brisbane Dogs MC. Jan is visiting Melbourne in a few weeks and as it’s been nearly 40 long years since we’ve seen each other, it’s going to be great. Two others from those days, my mate Pauly and Gayle will also be there.

Ironically, back in days of the Dogs, Gayle was my girlfriend for a short while and Jan and Paul were an item at the same time. Our wives, husbands and children are all behind us now while back in the day, those events were all ahead of us..

Mate Pauly was in the Confederates MC in Brisbane and how we met and went on to be great mates is also a good story. Again, as I find the time, that story will be told as well.

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